One of the main concerns for any new or small business is always the cost. Luckily internet marketing today, is a quick, effective and affordable way to promote your business on a low budget.

Below are 10 easy ways to start your online self-promotion for fee.

Brand your business

Your company may already have a name, logo and even a website, but these three elements, along with your contact details, should be on every outgoing piece of paper and electronic document that you send.

Branding your Word documents, is as easy as going to View ยป Header and Footer and inserting your logo in the header and adding your website and contact details in the footer

1. Brand your documents – create branded templates for any document intended for clients or providers (letterheads, faxes, invoices, etc). Send them always as a.pdf, and print only when necessary.

2. Create an email signature – add your contact details, URL and social media links to all of your outgoing email.

Social Networking

Social Media pages allow you to interact and build relationships with clients, prospects and the general market. However, managing your social media on a daily basis can end up affecting your productivity. So before you sign up to any of them determine:

  • how much time you can spend on posting and replying comments
  • which social media channels are most relevant to your business

3. Create social media profiles – the main ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr.

4. Join online discussions – there are thousands of virtual communities where people discuss all sorts of topics every day. By contributing to these discussion groups, you can inform and help potential customers.

Even though you won’t be able to promote your business instagram seguidores in the discussion, you can do it through your signature line.

Also look for relevant social media groups in your area, industry or client’s industries.

Other way to participate is by commenting in blogs. This one used to be a popular search engine optimisation technique. Now blog comments are not so important for SEO purposes, but they can still drive traffic to your website when they are relevant to the topic of the blog post. Don’t forget to link this back to your website.

Free directory listings

Submitting your website to directories will help you get some in-bound links to your website, which may help improve your visibility in search engines. However, this technique can take a substantial amount of time, so before you start, get yourself organised.

  • Make a list of free local and business directories
  • Prepare both, a long and a short company description
  • Make a list of 20 keywords
  • Set your social media pages, as some directories will give you the option of adding them on to your profile.

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