Find a good local lawyer who knows the area, can speak your language and is recommended to you independently, ie by friends and family rather than the estate agentMake sure the property has an escritura (title deed)If the house you wish to buy is not completely constructed, retain part of the purchase price to guarantee the total completion of the dwelling together with the roads and other infrastructureCheck that outstanding municipal debts such as IBI – Urbana Rates, Land Value Tax (Plusval√≠a) etc. have been paid. Any debts go against the property and not against the previous owner. If debts are not paid within a determined time period you could receive notice of an embargo.Only buy a property that appears in the Land Registry. If it is not there then it is possible the seller may not be the actual ownerConsult with the Planning Department about the planning consents of the property. This will avoid problems such as: buying a house under construction and later being fined for not having a Building Licence; having to pay for infrastructure (streets, drains etc.); no electricity connected to the house; no connection to the municipal water system, etc.Always take a fluent Spanish speaker with you when you go to the town hall, planning department or other official officeMake sure the property has a First Occupation Licence (Licencia de primera ocupaci√≥n). You can buy the property if it doesn’t have this licence but it is possible that you will be liable for the cost of the necessary infrastructureA building will have a community when there are common Avvocato Spagna areas for the individual owners e.g. gardens, pool, exterior lighting, lifts, stairs etc. If the building belongs to a community, find out who the Administrator of the Community is and verify that the property does not have any outstanding debtsForeigners will need an NIE number to purchase or rent property, buy a car, take out insurance, apply for a bank loan or mortgage. Find out from the local town hall how to do this

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