Need some new advanced Texas Holdem tips for playing better post flop? Don’t miss out on these great tips that will help you win more pots.

Whether you are playing Texas Holdem on the Internet, at a casino or even at a pub, you need new advanced Texas 홀덤사이트 Holdem tips to assist you in succeeding easily. If this article is going to make any sense you need to already know how to play Texas Holdem, know all the rules and the hands etc.

Advanced Texas Holdem Post Flop Tips

Pretty much, by the time you get past the flop you should have a pretty good idea where you stand in the whole order of things. These tips will outline some of the areas you’ll need to cover post flop to ensure you don’t screw up.

So How did everyone bet pre-flop? What cards are now showing post flop?

  1. Where there heavy hitters pre-flop and are there Aces, Kings or Queens on the flop? Warning bells should be going off if there were big raises and re-raises pre-flop and then there is paint splattered all over the table. Don’t mess with these unless you are the one scoring heavy (or your gonna sneak a flush and break all their hearts)
  2. Where there callers/limpers and are there Jacks, Tens and 9’s on the flop? People will often play cards like J-J, T-T, J-10, J-9, 10-9 etc (especially when the connectors are suited) because they are too good to fold. The other side is they aren’t really good enough to bet big on. For these players limping to the flop to see how well you can do is a good plan. Watch out for these guys because they sting if they get you post flop!
  3. How are the others betting post flop? Have they changed their tune? Usually if someone is betting big pre-flop and than is suddenly checking or calling they didn’t actually hit. You can take advantage of this by coming over the top of them (even if you don’t have much) because they will fold. Don’t try doing this in a multiway pot though, only if they are isolated.
  4. Is the flop paired? I.e. 7-7-J as opposed to all three cards being normal, like K-9-5. If the flop is paired there is a higher chance that nobody hit! This is good for the most part, as you can often fein that you hit big. Remember this advanced Texas Holdem tip the next time you see a paired board – don’t be afraid, it’s an opportunity.

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