As a business owner, what have you learned during the holiday season?

It is true that the holidays are a great time for businesses to realize enormous amounts of sales. But I’ve seen small enterprises looking mellow on Christmas season, losing the battle to larger stores, particularly hypermarkets and warehouse clubs.

So during the next holiday season, make sure you 小二補習 know what’s coming. Here are some tips to help you manage during the holiday season and boost your sales.

First, carry an adequate level of merchandise.

It is the holidays, and people are in the mood to shop, shop and shop. Despite the current economic climate, it is the season to be merrymaking and shopping. I suggest you have four to five times as much inventory to meet the expected rise in your retail sales. Do not worry about so many items to sell in your store; we will get to marketing them later.

Second, hire additional salespeople and cashiers.

Having enough workers is important to serving your customers better, and hence generating more sales. Keep your people motivated by giving incentives or commissions. After all, they are to work extra hours throughout the season. Replace uninspired and unproductive people with those who can perform better. This is important to make your store a happy place for everyone, most especially your customers.

Third, enhance your store’s visibility and ambiance.

Think of ways to make your store distinctively attractive. Be unique – provide a unique buying experience for your customers by carrying unique products, giving away unique freebies, and offering unique perks. Boost your sales by providing customers with something fresh at your store, especially during gift-giving occasions. So carry unique merchandise such as specialty and novelty items.

Fourth, get to know your customers.

Nothing beats a business that understands and knows who its customers are. Customers are your sources of sales. Thus, gather all the customer information that you can – name, mailing address, phone number, email address and the like. Send occasional emails to your customers to let them know about new products or promotions they might be interested in.

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