Cold calling is the process of approaching your target market via phone to sell your products and services. To date, this is considered one of the most difficult ways to sell as prospects consider these as unsolicited calls. However, it’s highly possible that you’ll secure more sales in this method as long as you are determined and as long as you follow these steps:

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1. Prepare ahead of time. Before you even start dialing, make sure that you know what to say when your prospects pick up the phone. You must have a written presentation script that you can follow all throughout the call. Your voice must be in good shape too. Practice at least a couple of times before calling. Make sure that you don’t sound nervous or that you just got out of your bed. It’s important that you sound enthusiastic so you can capture the attention of your prospects and engage them all throughout the call.

2. Take it easy. You really can’t sound like you are pressured to make a sale when calling your prospects as this can shoo your clients away. Speak as if you are just talking to a dear friend sgx nifty live. Be upbeat, spontaneous, and excited. Have some fun while informing these people about your great products and services. If they decline, don’t sound very sad — this is just not the professional way to do it. Instead, end the call with a high note. Thank these people for their time and wish that they’ll consider doing business with you in the future.

3. Ask for specific date and time for the appointment. Contrary to popular beliefs, cold calling isn’t really about making an outright sale. It’s the process of getting appointment from your prospects so you can talk about your products and services when these people have the time to listen. If they agree, ask for specific date and time instead of just saying “Alright Dan, I’ll call again next week”.

4. Keep in mind that gatekeepers are your allies. Be friendly and cordial to whoever picks up the phone to increase your chances of talking to the decision-makers. You can ask these people nicely if they can help you get the information you need like the name of the right person to talk to and the perfect time to call. Address gatekeepers using their first name when asking for favor — it works!

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