What are your gifts and what quality of fruit might you be growing and developing in your life?

Gifts without character is dangerous. It is like a young man with a fast car, but character without gifts can make us ineffective in the Kingdom of God.

Develop your ‘gifts’ – whatever ‘gifts’ the Holy Spirit has given you – and allow the fruit to grow.

Over these past weeks I have been reading and studying various Bible passages on fruit and peace and love and joy and this article deals with one limited aspect of peace.

You can find the nine segments of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in Galatians Chapter 5 and verses 22 and 23. Please do take time to read these sentences and check out everything I write on this, and other, topics.

Peace means that conflict has been dealt with in some way.

Peace in the Hebrew is SHALOM, and it means harmony. There can be no peace where there is real specific conflict.

For peace to be real, there has to be reconciliation.

The two sides have to come together and agree and the differences removed, and that was one of the things which happened when Jesus was on the cross.

When sin came into man’s experience in the Garden of Eden, the first casualty was PEACE – SHALOM. Man was no longer at peace with God, and he hid.
Not long after that man was no longer at peace with man.

SIN has introduced various forms of conflict.

SIN separates a man from GOD – and man from man – and conflicts arise – not only in the heart of man – but then, between men – and in families, and in nations.

Jesus Christ came to take away the warfare, and to make reconciliation possible.

Jesus came to save us and rescue us 情緒輔導 from the mess we were in, and offer us peace, but on His Terms. They are good terms. You will not get a better offer anywhere else in the whole world.

His terms are the same as they have always been – the price has not increased. That would be impossible.

Repent – Believe – Be Baptised – Receive the Holy Spirit – so that PEACE can begin to grow.

In Isaiah Chapter 53 verse 5, we read, prophetically, that Jesus took the punishment that was due to us. He allowed Himself to be punished, so that we could receive PEACE.

PEACE flows from the Cross. By His Wounds we are healed. He took our pains and sicknesses so that we might be healed, and thereby so that we might grow some PEACE.

The removal of sin and sickness and pain can result in our receiving PEACE, enabling there to be growing conditions for PEACE to grow.

Read again in Romans Chapter 5 – because it is all about Love, Joy, and Peace – and Suffering, Character, and Assurance. At verse 11 – we have received reconciliation through our Lord Jesus Christ. That makes for PEACE.

You are no longer guilty. You have been washed and reconciled to GOD.

You have been taken across that bridge – to GOD – from whom you have been separated by SIN.

There is the Peace of a clean heart!

Jesus Christ washes away the sin – takes away the sin – and builds a bridge over which we can walk, and then we can enjoy fellowship with God, and fellowship with one another.

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