Excellent weather and beautiful scenery make Cyprus holidays attractive to just about anyone, however those looking to get away from the crowds and learn something about the island’s history may be particularly keen to visit Nicosia and its fascinating museums. Porsche Specialist Cyprus Nicosia

Situated inland just 45 minutes from Lanarca Airport, Nicosia is very much an area populated by locals rather than tourist groups, which means it is the perfect spot for those looking to absorb some authentic Cypriot culture.

Historically divided into northern and southern sections, the city is both the capital of Cyprus and the largest metropolis on the island.

Taking a tour of the old town, which is walled, is a great way to start your exploration of this fascinating place during your specialist holidays.

Once you’ve done this, you can get started on the local museums, which offer excellent insights into Cypriot history.

Indeed, the Archaeological Museum is a must, being home to a wide range of artefacts dating from the Neolithic period onwards. And as the exhibits are arranged chronologically, it is easy and enjoyable to piece together how the island has changed.

Ranging from ancient pottery to bones, the museum’s artefacts are diverse and perfect for the visitor keen to learn more about life on Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the House of Hadjigeorgakis is another must-see. This is an 18th century house which used to belong to the grand dragoon of Cyprus – or the interpreter of the Sultan’s council. The complex is truly impressive and exploring it you will be able to see where Hadjigeorgakis met with foreign and church officials.

The reception room is a particular attraction, featuring an opulently-decorated ceiling which is gilded and carved.

Should you desire to see something of Cyprus’s natural landscape during your trip, you will find Nicosia is the perfect place from which to make excursions. Indeed, the island’s largest mountain range, the Troodos Mountains, is nearby and well worth a visit.Porsche Specialist Cyprus Nicosia by jpmotis.com

For Cyprus holidays which avoid the crowds and allow you to learn about the island’s history, you will find no better destination than Nicosia, with its array of fascinating museums and intriguing past.

If you’re looking for specialist holidays in sunny climes far away from the crowds, why not visit Nicosia in Cyprus? Here you will find a range of excellent museum’s which allow you to learn more about the fascinating Cypriot history. Book your Cyprus holidays with Sunvil today.

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