Bed bugs are often associated with poor housekeeping and sanitation but surprisingly, these nasty little creatures can also be found in expensive hotels and well-maintained upscale homes. Yes, anyone’s house can be infested. There are a lot of products that are available in eliminating bed bugs and part of this concern is how to do it safely, of course you don’t want to inhale such substances but it’s good to know that most of the sprays we have are 100% non-toxic.

Before you use a pesticide or an insecticide, make sure you have already prepared the area by sweeping, vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and furniture thoroughly. Focus on your bedroom and use a flashlight to spot them easily. Purchase a spray or a powder punaises de lit that is specifically designed in eliminating bed bugs. Some products that are available in the market today can even be sprayed on mattresses. Read the labels and directions before you spray or dust the infested area. If you are not certain though, call the manufacturer.

If you want to completely say goodbye to these pests forever, it’s not enough that you spray the areas periodically. You have to make sure that you are living in a clean environment, this will be very effective in eliminating bed bugs for good. Eliminate all trash and clutter not only in the bedroom but in the whole house as well. This will reduce the bugs’ hiding places. Clean hard surfaces like furniture, inside drawers, window casings and bathrooms regularly. If you see any cracks in the walls or woodwork especially in your bed frame, keep in mind that these are potential points of entry and hiding places. Make some repairs as needed.

If you travel a lot, take the necessary steps so you can avoid picking up bed bugs from hotels. Carry some homemade repellent sachets with you all the time. You can put them under the mattress or the pockets of your clothes to keep bugs at bay. Lastly, do not buy used furniture or mattress unless you are absolutely positive that no pests reside in it.

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