It is known that there are many kinds of fruit that contain abundant vitamin C such as kiwi fruit, pomelo, strawberry, orange etc. Mango contains more carotene than any other kind of fruit does. Thus, nearly every people take fruit as a kind of healthy food. It actually is. But there are still some people have overconfidence on some functions of fruit. Actually, there are some things that we should pay attention to when eating fruit. Here I list five “don’ts” of taking in fruit.

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1. Do not take fruit as vegetable

Fruit contains a certain amount of organic acid and aromatic substance which can help to improve appetite and help the absorption of nutrients. Despite of this fact, vegetables contain much more mineral substance and vitamins than fruit does. If you take in fruits instead of vegetables, you will not get enough nutrients. It is necessary to take in 500 grams of vegetable everyday.

2. Do not take fruit as meal

Human body can maintain life with at least 50 kinds of nutrients especially more than 65 grams of fat which can maintain the regeneration and recovery of organs. Fruit contains more than 85% of water but less than 1% of protein, let alone the fatty acid the human body needs. Thus, you should not take fruit as meal trái cây nhập khẩu.

3. Do not take too much fruit to lose weight

As a matter of fact, fruit is not a kind of low-calorie food. It contains more than 80% of sugar. Although fruit contains fewer calories than rice, people always take much of them because of its taste. Therefore, they will take in more calories and can not achieve the original goal.

4. Do not blindly worship imported fruit

Many people may think that imported fruit is better and contains much more nutrients. It is not always true because some imported fruit are not fresh enough because of its long time of transportation.

5. Do not depend on fruit to supplement vitamins

Most fruit do not contain as much vitamins as we think. But if you want to supplement vitamins, it is not wise to depend on fruit only. You should take in some other kinds of food to meet your demand on vitamins.

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