People enjoy chatting on different messengers on Internet. Some popular chat messengers are Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, MSN etc. To chat on these softwares a person simply have to create a profile on these messengers by providing personal information. If you log into Yahoo Messenger, You will find many chat rooms divided into categories and subcategories. There are rooms based on various topics. For example there are rooms for news section, for movies, for sports, for entertainment, for talking on religion and spirituality etc. There are also rooms divided according to regions, countries and localities. For example there is a separate online chatroom for New York people and separate room for people of Chicago. On Google talk and MSN you have to add people with whom you want to talk in your contact list under various headings like Friends list, Classmates list etc. You will be able to talk with persons who are logged in at the moment. Online chatting can be of three kinds: Text chatting, Voice chatting, Video chatting etc.

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Now a person can easily enjoy services of these chat messengers on their mobiles. Every mobile is internet enabled and a person can be online on his mobile to chat with various people. A person can also install mobile chat software on his mobile to enjoy facilities of these. There are certain mobile softwares which include services of all these three softwares in one. A person can also enjoy video chat facility on his phone by loading certain softwares. Currently video chat facility is available on 3G Sims. This video chat communication can take place between two 3G users. These chatting softwares compatible for mobiles are available on different websites. You many find these softwares free of cost on some websites where as some websites sell these softwares at an affordable price. These softwares are very easy to install and use mobil chat.

Every telecom operator provides Mchat facility to its SIM users. A person simply have to register by providing his personal details. A person can log in with different user id. The operator charges a little amount for chatting services. A person can also dial any popular chat service number to enjoy mobile chatting. The call rates are usually higher than normal calls.

While many people use mobile chatting for fun and entertainment, it can also be used for surveys and to get information on important topics. A person can increase his friend circle and can make many new friends who are experts in various fields.

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