It doesn’t matter if you’re an A-list Hollywood celebrity, a stressed out glow biotics housewife with three energetic children, or even a young, single dynamo who spends too many hours at the office. Nobody wants ugly skin

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong at all with aging gracefully. However, too many of us today struggle with premature aging and suffer from skin problems that are totally unnecessary. The truth is it’s ridiculously easy and inexpensiveto keep your skin healthy and glowing without make-up, tanning beds, or nips, tucks or injections of any kind.

The answer? Amino acids. But why don’t you know this? Amino acids are nothing new. It’s all well-documented science, so why doesn’t anyone know about this?

Sadly, many people also have to deal with conditions that can do even more damage to your skin than early aging such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne. (I had huge issues with acne – ugh!) It seems there’s an endless list of ugly names for unhealthy skin!

Here’s the thing: no amount of money can fix the fundamental problems most people experience with their skin. Take a look at the rich and famous who spend thousands of dollars on newfangled facial treatments, endless spa retreats and precise cosmetic surgery; they often end up with the “mannequin” look – technically perfect but with hollow skin that just doesn’t look right at all. Why hasn’t someone told them about amino acids, and the importance of good bacteria (fermented foods)? What’s troubling is that most people don’t have any real clue why this happens to them, and worse yet, depend on treatments that often requires a regular dosage of medication, which only masks their problems at best, or doesn’t even work to begin with. (Don’t get me going on what this can do to your gut imbalance!)

As if that’s not bad enough, it all costs so much money! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Americans spent 2.2 Billion dollars in 2004 on acne treatment alone. (I know some of that money is mine! My struggles with acne started when I was 10 years old!) I can only imagine what that figure is now!

It shouldn’t be frustrating and impossible to figure out.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s leeching the life out of your skin in the first place? Wouldn’t it be great to learn how easy it is to have radiant skin that keeps you looking young, healthy and vibrant, no matter how old you are?

You’ve probably heard the expression that “beauty begins on the inside,” but you might not realize just how true this is. Your skin is actually your body’s largest organ, and because of this, it’s often a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. In simple terms, if you’re not healthy on the inside, it’s usually just a matter of time until it all catches up with you and shows up, right on your face – yikes!

Your body’s health begins in your digestive system. It’s where your body processes everything it needs to function: vitamins, nutrients and enzymes of all sorts. When you digest proteins they’re converted into amino acids, which are some of the body’s most important building blocks. They have a direct impact on just about everything your body does, be it mental or physical.

Here’s the problem: when your digestive system isn’t functioning correctly, you’re unable to break down proteins properly and your body doesn’t get the amino acids it needs; that creates some serious issues, among them, undernourished skin.

For example, you’ve probably heard of collagen, a skin protein that is responsible for the firmness of your skin. It’s made up of almost 20 different amino acids includingglycine, lysine and aspartic acid. When your body is producing an abundant, healthy amount of collagen, it’s difficult for your skin to become wrinkly and loose as the strong collagen is regulating its firmness and elasticity.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to figure out that you want your body to be a haven for a bounty of amino acids that will keep your collagen levels high. But are you digesting your proteins and converting them to amino acids? Unfortunately, most people have compromised digestive systems due to stress, environmental toxins and processed foods which are increasingly becoming a regular part of the standard American diet (or SAD, its more appropriate designation.) All of these factors wreak havoc on your digestive health and often stunt your body’s production of beneficial amino acids.

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