Indore, for eons has been known as the land of the khavvaiyyas and gavvaiyyas (meaning foodies and musicians). This cultural hub, situated in central India, is a treasure island for food varieties. There is something for every palate. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Although predominantly vegetarian fare exists in Indore, it is something that even non-vegetarians polish off the plate with relish.

Food fit for kings and queens, dipped and dunked in pure clarified butter or ghee, this fare is not for the weak-hearted. So if you are on a diet, give these places a miss, these are not for you. But if you are someone who wholeheartedly enjoys what lands on your palate, indulge your gustatory sensations right here in Indore.

Sarafa Market – Sarafa in Hindi means a jewelry market. You may wonder what does jewelry have anything to do with food. Allow me to explain. Everyday after sunset, the jewelry market closes and makes way for the foodie paradise to take over. As you enter the market, the glorious whiff of hot gulab jamuns welcomes you and accompanies you to a world of pani pooris, makke ka kees and chhole tikiya. Hot jalebis tantalize your taste buds as they scorch the tips of your tongues and vaults of your palate with delight. It is best to visit this place in large groups so you can taste a little bit of everything.

Vijay Chat House at Khajoori Bazaar – Sarafa crossroads
While you are in Indore, do what the Indoris do. Visit Vijay Chat House for crispy hot aloo kachoris and yummy shikanji (which is sort of a dry-fruit and curd smoothie).

Joshi Wade Wale
Although this is a shop in Sarafa Market the uniqueness of this shop makes it deserving of a special mention. You will be treated to a spontaneous magic trick at the behest of the chief chef, who dewaqq will lovingly call you his Maharaja!

56 Dukaan
56 Dukaan or Chhappan Dukaan as it is popularly known, translated in English means 56 shops. This is a famous area of Indore which comprises of a cluster of 56 shops, where you will find every culinary delight of the world. Be it Indian, or Continental you will find it here. This is another place to be visited in large groups or it will take you 56 days to have a taste of every offering in this ambrosial food place.

Street food
There are many small shops lined up on the streets which serve you what they proudly proclaim as Fariyali Khichadi. It is a must-have in Indore. Other typically Malwa preparations which are must haves in Indore are the famous Daal-Baafle and Poha Jalebi.

Coffee places
Mr. Beans and Buddy’s Cafe are the best places to have coffee in Indore. Other most commonly visited coffee place is the Cafe Coffee Day.

Indore-Dewas Road
Freshly cooked corn dogs are available on Indore-Dewas Road. Fabulously cooked and spiced, these are a delight to your taste-buds.

Nakhrali Dhaani Rau
Have some authentic Marwari food with a spread of over 30 to 50 preparations served in every plate. While you are at it you can enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk songs, dances, puppet show, magic show, snake charmer and more. Have henna applied to your hands, or your name written on a grain of rice. Enjoy camel, horse and bullock-cart rides, whichever you prefer. There are games for every age group which makes this visit a memorable one.

Ice-cream at Monica Galaxy
Desserts are ideally had at Monica Galaxy situated at South Tukoganj Indore. A wide array of ice-creams are available to cool down the palates which have been ravaged by spicy food.

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