Firstly, What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is an ailment (although not deadly), that can drive a person to despair. The most well know symptoms of tinnitus is an annoying perpetual ringing or buzzing in either ear or it can be both. Though the exact location of the ringing and buzzing can be different, it will emanate from one or both ears or in the middle of your head.

The audio levels of your work and social life can seriously make symptoms worse. A typical example of this, being the difference you will experience if you spend an afternoon in a club or pub as apposed to taking it easy at home in total silence.

What Causes Tinnitus?

There are various explanations why one might suffer tinnitus and it most commonly comes on slowly. Even a blockage Silencil from ear wax often make us more hyper sensitive of the noises in our heads.

More often than not, getting older will almost always play a large part in one suffering tinnitus, typically our hearing apparatus gets worse as the years pass by. The accumulative effect of loud noises in our daily life plays a large part in the overall damage of our hearing apparatus. Things you probably wouldn’t think could do so much harm, like personal stereos all add towards tinnitus.

Is There Any Treatment For Tinnitus?

As always, there are different expert opinions regarding the complete cure of tinnitus. As with anything there are always individual instances of individuals tinnitus getting better without needing any professional help, looking after your hearing plays a part in this.

There are however are those who swear blind that tinnitus is completely reversible in almost all cases; they offer special home courses for reversing tinnitus without any expensive medicine.

Can tinnitus be prevented or lessened?

The long term of tinnitus can be greatly reduced by following certain guidelines.

Be extra wary with inserting long slim objects like cotton buds into your ear.
Guard against raised blood pressure
Protect your hearing in the presence of sustained loud noises
Try to avoid so many stimulants drinks like coffee and cola
Reduce hyperactivity and stress

Additionally, a great little quick relief fix can be found by simply pushing your earlobes into your ears, then while holding them in place with your thumbs gently and rapidly ping and flick the tops of your ears in a downward motion for 20 seconds, then remove your earlobes from your ears and notice an instant decrease in the ringing. This is not a permanent solution but will give you relief.

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