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Home Cinema. It’s a term that 10 years ago was reserved for the super rich but nowadays it’s a household phrase so what has changed?

The main factor is naturally cost. Back in the late 90’s a home cinema system would cost you about a years wages; and that was if you were on a good wage! But like most things in life, technology has moved on which always has two distinct effects. Firstly it allows newer and better systems to be designed, installed and created which is great for the higher end market but secondly it means that systems that were top of the range when they came out can now be bought for rock bottom dollar. This ultimately means that anyone, just like you or I can have our very own home cinema without breaking the bank to do so; we might have to raid our piggy bank but not the one on the high street.

Home Cinema-Want or Need?

This therefore begs the question ‘Is a Home Cinema a Want or a Need?’ Well, the obvious answer is that it’s just a want because no-one ‘Needs’ a home cinema right? Do you know, I’m not sure if I agree and I’ll tell you why. Pretty much everyone has a TV in their house somewhere. Now I know most people have more than one but almost everyone out there has at least one. Now about 10-20 years ago you could well argue that people don’t ‘Need’ TV sets but I would suggest that in today’s world people do actually ‘Need’ TV because it is our medium into the outside world. It is a way of finding out what is going on from the comfort of our own home and this is powerful however you look at it cinema.

Now, we also know that TV prices are coming down and down and at the same time screen sizes are going up and up. This means that everyone is getting larger and larger TVs in their homes. Now we’ve just established that TVs can be considered a ‘Need’ and not a ‘Want’ so therefore I propose that a home cinema could also be considered a ‘Need’ because when it comes down to it, it’s just a big TV right?

Poor Argument?

Now all of you that have read this far and are calling me an idiot because I’m saying that people ‘Need’ a home cinema system rather than ‘Want’ one then thank you. You are absolutely right and I’m not going to argue with you. You see, the thing about the world that we live in is that people will try and tell you what works in their best interest and the more people they can convince that this is true, generally the more money they will make.

Now the point I want to make is that my website on home cinema systems is all about information and education and it’s purpose is not to send you in one direction or another. It’s merely there to service you and allow you to make the best decision based on your requirements.

So in answer to the original question ‘Is home cinema [] only for the super rich?’ absolutely not. And in answer to the second question ‘Do we Need or Want a home cinema system?’ Well, this one I leave up to you. You see, the answer is different for every person out there. I personally ‘Need’ a home cinema because that is my business and if I don’t practice what I preach then it completely undermines my authority. But do YOU need a home cinema? Well, you tell me?

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