How to choose your wedding magician from the internet

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, you’re getting married! Further congratulations are in order for considering hiring a magician to entertain your guests. As a wedding magician, I am of course biased on the on the importance of hiring a magician to break the ice at a wedding. However, for my brother’s wedding I knew I had to get him something really special – I hired a magician, so this is not just me trying to advertise my services.

Now on to the bad news – If you get a bad magician then they can actually be detrimental to your special day. They can turn up late (or not at all), talk to your guests like children, swear, be rude/arrogant or, more likely, just be rubbish at performing.

So here are some steps to help you get the right man for the job.

After searching the net and finding a few magicians that you like the look of, contact them and request a meeting. Inform them that you will also be meeting a few other magicians. This is the most efficient method of ensuring that you get a good magician for your wedding. Every magician will proclaim his brilliance on his website, on the phone or through email. However, when he knows that he will be judged against other magicians, only competent/good magicians will agree to a meeting. You’ll also be able to tell a lot about the magician: if he arrives on time, has polished shoes and gets on well with your friends and family, then chances are your guests will feel exactly the same as you did at that first meeting.

If the option of meeting them isn’t available, then a phone call is the second best option. Virtually every magician claims to be funny and wildly entertaining on their website, but in reality magicien Nice this isn’t always the case. As Paul Daniels says, “Don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh”. Again, if they can make you laugh over the phone and give off a likeable vibe then they’re probably a good option.

When you have your meeting / phone call, these are good questions to ask to ensure that the magician is a competent performer:-

1) Are you a full time professional magician?

If he has another job, ask if he ever works weekends. If he has to choose between his main source of income and his bonus income that he gets from magic shows, you may unfortunately find that you do not have a magician at your wedding.

2) Have you performed at many weddings?

It’s very easy to put together a website and offer wedding services. However, you do not want your magician to be learning his trade on your special day. It is critical that you hire an experienced performer who knows what he’s doing.

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