In many countries, Japanese restaurants are great places to hang out in, as the food tastes great, and the ambience is cool and relaxed. More and more people are becoming fans of Japanese food, as it is also very healthy; making them look for Japanese food recipes. There are many different dishes offered in Japanese restaurants, and two of the favourites are teriyaki and tempura. To show that Japanese food recipes are easy to follow, we will look at how these two are prepared.

Teriyaki sauce is an example of a Japanese food recipe that’s easy to follow. There are plenty of foods that use teriyaki sauce, and it is certainly a great addition to meats, giving it a tangy and sweet taste. You will need a half cup of soy sauce and a half cup of mirin, or Japanese 無麩質 cooking wine. Pour both into a pan and stir. Put it in low heat and let simmer for a couple of minutes. Let cool and place into a jar. Pour onto beef or chicken for a sweet sauce.

Many people cannot resist tempura. This is good food that can be eaten as part of a meal, or even as a snack. Best of all, tempura batter can be done so easily. All you need is an egg, a cup of ice water, and a cup of all-purpose flour. Beat the egg in a bowl and add the ice water in. Slowly add in the sifted flour and mix lightly. Dip the shrimps into the batter and fry. If you are making vegetable tempura, make sure you fry the vegetables first before the shrimps or seafood.

These two are favourites among Japanese food enthusiasts, but are very simple to make. Now you can enjoy these foods in your own home, and serve them to friends and family

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