Whether being worn for style or purpose, a quality leather belt is able to last a life time. Although many real leather belts on the market to buy at retail shops, even though, are more of a faux leather material that is more similar to a thin leather pressboard and tend to fall apart and separate with regular use. They are made from a flexible but stiff leather, which is then dyed in colors to mimic the look and feel of leather. However, even if they are made from real leather, they should be taken care of and cleaned properly so that the longevity continues. This is because not only do the oils within the leather itself affect the lifespan, but the thinner, artificial type of leather does not allow for as much airflow within the material to help the material age gracefully. So take care of your belt!


First, let’s look at how to take care of a leather belt. You should always clean your leather belt using the gentle dish soap and warm water with a small amount of leather cleaner or leather conditioner added to it. When you first buy a leather belt, always go to an authorized retailer to make sure that the item you purchase is made out of 100% leather. This way, you will know that it is made of the highest quality leather and the holes will be completely straight, unlike cheap items that you might find in retail stores that are not authentic. If you have purchased the belt at an authorized dealer, ask them about cleaning methods for the leather belt you bought day lung ca sau.

Before you go to work, apply a small amount of leather cleaner on the buckle area of your belt buckle. Follow this up with a very small amount of leather conditioner to the inside portion of the real leather. Let these two treatments sit for at least a full day before you use the item. For leather belts, you need to wipe down the whole area and then let it dry completely before putting the item away. Be sure to check the piece after you have worn it for several hours to ensure that there is no damage to the genuine leather.

It is very important that you clean your leather belts on a regular basis. Cleaning regularly ensures that dirt does not get trapped within the material and can be removed easily. Dust can be trapped inside of leather belts and cause it to become dirty over time if not cleaned. Dust can also cause stains to set in, so keeping your item clean is crucial to keeping it looking new.

If you do notice that your leather has become stained, remove it from the environment as soon as possible. If you leave it sitting for long, the stain will become permanent and impossible to remove. Stain is much harder to remove if it has become dried on the straps and the inside portion of the buckle. If you must store the item, wrap it in a plastic bag or return it to the packaging for drying.

Now that your buckle is clean and dry, you can proceed with cleaning the rivets on the item. Using a leather brush or soft bristle brush, gently clean the rivet heads and the holes on the backside of the buckle. Always dry the rivet before applying any type of conditioner or lubricant to it. Next, use leather shavings to fill in the gaps and then use a stainless steel needle to press the leather back into shape. Finally, place the rivet back into the rivet hole and give it one last coat of leather conditioner before storing it.

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