Ever since the advent of motion pictures, the art of cinema has been transformed. Movies not only entertain us now; they also portray our culture and convey important messages. For example, movies have played a key role in transmitting messages from one generation to the next. Since ancient times, movies have been used for decorative as well as functional purposes. Thus, we find movies displayed in many places including homes, offices, and churches. The use of motion pictures dates back to the time of the Greek geographer Strabo and the Romans, who created first movies with a focus on natural imagery.

Motion picture, also known as motion picture, short film, or a short motion picture, is an artistic visual art typically used to simulate actual experiences that express emotions, stories, impressions, beauty, or scenic environment through the medium of moving pictures. These pictures are usually accompanied by music, and in some cases, other sensory stimuli. The term “movies” actually refers to a myriad of different types of motion pictures. Movies can be classified according to their length, which can range from minutes to hours. Other factors such as special effects and voiceover are also counted among the elements of a successful film.  www.bark.com

The evolution of motion pictures took more than two centuries to complete. The evolution can be divided into four main eras of early film production companies. These are the Independent Film Movement (FI mov); the Social-Anti-FAAP Movement (SFAAP); the Realism Period (rational motion pictures); and the Post-Prohibition Period (PPR). The genre of independent films belonged to theFI mov, which later became the SFAAP. The social-anti FAAP movement, the last of the original eight films, was shut down by theirs producers due to the contentions that its subject matter and message were pornographic.

The last PPR era belongs to the Independent Motion Picture movement. This was characterized by the production of movies with social and political messages, and was considered to be an overt attempt to challenge the system and the power structure. The last six decades have been characterized by the rise of the Independent film movement. The main driving force behind this came from the artists involved. The artisans who created independent motion pictures were tired of the limitations of the moviemaking process. They wanted to share their vision with the world and raise consciousness amongst the people.

Movies in the early period had no sound. The famous French filmmaker Robberto Mazzarella was the pioneer to utilize sound in his films, in particular in amoedo’. In the world war, when machines began to be used for war operations, moviemakers realized that films would give an accurate account of events if they used sound. Many films were made for this purpose, such as ‘The Triumph of Life’, ‘La casa de la Meuse’ and ‘Auicides’.

With the advent of machinery and automatic machines that can make films, the task of making films became easier. It was possible to shoot a film within a day at most, as the progress of technology enabled the automatic machines to make films that are synchronized. As a result, it was possible to shoot films with real drama, instead of the slapstick style films of the previous periods. It has been reported that at the height of the world war one, there were more than two thousand films shot on an hourly basis.

The average runtime of a moviemaking movie has increased from about forty-eight mins to a little more than two hours and fifty minutes in the last century. The new world war II movies that were shot during this period featured subjects such as the atomic bomb, the firefight between the US forces and the Japanese, the B-day celebration, and the invasion of Japan. The length of the films shot also shot from a shorter length, which were two and half minutes to ninety mins. In terms of the subject matter and content, the two-hour movies were considered more action oriented and less comedy oriented.

It can be said that the length of the film’s shoot is directly related to the budget of the production. Big budget productions always shoot for longer durations. But, it is difficult to find a large number of movies being shot for the cuteness factor alone. The length of the film is determined by the story and if required, a budget as well. There are very few movies of the present era that are shot for a duration of less than ninety mins.

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