Planning a cheap wedding in Cyprus is not difficult if you have the time and inclination to save your hard earned budget. But first Weddings in Cyprus

Why is Cyprus so popular as a wedding destination?

  • First, Cyprus is renowned as the island of love after Aphrodite, the mythical goddess who lived on the island.
  • The island has over 300 days of sunshine per year so you can be sure of a sunshine wedding at virtually any time of year.
  • English is widely spoken and ceremonies are conducted in English for foreigners so it’s like home from home, except in the sun!
  • You can combine your honeymoon in Cyprus with your wedding and your guests can have a great holiday too.

How to plan a cheap wedding in Cyprus

First of all, don’t think that you have to hire a Cyprus wedding planner. You may want to use a wedding planner to arrange the legal paperwork (there’s nothing worse in turning up for your wedding only to find that one essential piece of information is missing!) but with the legalities taken care of, you can easily cut costs by arranging everything else yourself. Assuming, that is, you have the time!

For accommodation, choose a cheap Cyprus holiday package. This will take care of your hotel and flights leaving you free to sort out the finer details.

Your dress can be a simple summer frock – you need something cool after all.

For the groom, forget the suit as it’s way too hot, just choose a lightweight summer shirt and cool pants. Flowers can be simple, just pop into a local Cyprus garden centre when you arrive to save money on expensive florists or even pick flowers from the roadside if you are thinking of getting married in the spring.

Buy your wedding cake at one of the many Cyprus bakeries. There is a vast choice of cakes – the Cypriots have a way of turning a simple sponge cake into a work of art – and if you organise it as soon as you arrive, they will make something extra special for you.

Your reception can be held at a village taverna for around EUR20 a head plus drinks leaving some money to add a special touch to your day, for example, a sunset boat cruise that will last in your memories for ever.

If you have any money left in your budget, you can splash out on your honeymoon in Cyprus by spending a few hours at a spa hotel like the Anassa to pamper yourselves completely.

Find out why Cyprus is so popular as a wedding and honeymoon destination, why you might want to consider a Cyprus wedding planner and what the legal requirements 

Plus lots more helpful tips on planning your sunshine wedding on a budget.

The author, Helen Smeaton, lives and works in Cyprus as a mountain bike professional, freelance writer and web designer. She will gladly share her passion for the great outdoors and Cyprus with you.

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