The pop up display has emerged as one of the most desirable types of portable exhibits on the market. It is both lightweight and portable in a way that few other booths can offer. Yet it is also a unique design element, and requires an awareness of its uniqueness for successful use. By understanding the nature of the booth and learning how to play to its strengths, you can decide whether this type of exhibit is the best choice for your business and how to utilize it properly.

A New Type Of Portable Exhibits

The pop up display has a very basic design scheme. It consists of a metal frame, over which printed fabric is stretched. This unique style allows it to be a literal pop-up structure. This booth style basically unfolds itself, requiring only minimal assistance. Most structures can be assembled by one person and require no tools. This is a contrast to many other booths, where a team of construction specialists are required to install them. Most pop-ups will require very minimal set up, even when assistance is required; sometimes your operators must connect snaps to stretch the fabric properly or other simple tasks.

Stand Alone Or Complement An Existing Structure

One of the unique aspects of the pop up display is its ability to be integrated into a larger booth. Many companies will choose to purchase this style specifically to promote a new product, helping to enhance the product’s high-tech image. These portable exhibits are typically mid-sized, allowing them to be used alone for smaller events, or incorporated into a currently used display when space is less of an issue.

The Pop Up Display Difference

Why is this new style of exhibit different from other portable exhibits? First, it has virtually no capability to be adapted on the fly. Whereas some board styles have a Velcro backing that allows the text and images to be changed out at an event, the typical pop-up will have one set of text and images printed across it. It is essentially tips for tricks a canvas, planned out carefully and then printed. In order to change it, another canvas must replace it.

However, in exchange for that flexibility, it provides a look that few other banners stand designs can match. These portable exhibits have a futuristic styling that is very eye catching. They can also be larger than other styles while still being portable, making them quite viable for frequent travelers. In addition, they’re useful if you are presenting alone, because they can almost always be set up without assistance.

Value Relative To Other Types Of Banners Stand And Booths

The pop up display typically falls in the middle price category. The exact price will depend on many factors, particularly the chosen dimensions of the booth. Beyond that, the printing of the graphics on the fabric may also be extra depending on the company you select to have the booth made. For portability and utility, a pop-up is generally a good value compared with other types of banners stand.

For companies seeking a budget-friendly design that won’t require much updating, this option may well be the best. If you anticipate frequent updates, such as wanting to use one booth to promote many different products at separate events, you will want to consider a different style.

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