The first step in finding your ideal on-line affiliate program match is to determine if you want to search in the arena of residual income affiliate programs, or if your preference is for one time affiliate sales, which typically produce linear income.

In a perfect world your venture into affiliate programs will find an ideal match for you from day one, however, that often does not happen. We usually need to stump our toes a few times with some good old fashioned trial and error to see what we really want in an affiliate program.

First – let’s look at the differences noted between the two affiliate programs…

Residual income affiliate programs are centered on – you guessed it – residual income. This form of income stream is best described as performing a task once, and getting paid multiple times for that one task. The opposite of residual income is linear income.For the passive online income This form of income is most closely associated with our jobs – we get paid a dollar or Euro for an hour’s worth of work. If we work – we get paid – if we don’t work – we don’t receive compensation.

The type of affiliate programs that would best be a match for residual income affiliate programs would be membership sites such as a gardening club or weight loss group, or a more traditional affiliate program such as a direct sales or network marketing company. The goal would obviously be to introduce the service or product to a potential customer, let them see the value in the product or service, and, hopefully, become a customer for life.

Conversely, a linear income affiliate program would be setting up a landing page, web site, or Pay per Click advertising program designed for one time sales to potential customers. The positive of this process could be fast money rolling in, assuming you know what you’re doing online.

The reality is most marketers dream of residual income affiliate programs, often referred to as beach money or walk-away money, yet they don’t possess the long-term focus or skill set to get the correct foundation laid for success.

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