Strategic Branding Idea for medical staffing agencies.

Give your medical staffing agency a boost by becoming the talk of the town. The more people talk about your nursing agency, radiology agency or foreign staffing agency the more chances you have of becoming a giant in the medical staffing field.

The following technique used consistently will over time create a brand identity that will have candidates calling you instead of your competition,

This technique is so simple to use that many refuse to acknowledge it as a viable alternative to a cost free marketing vehicle. The reason being is that it is a facet of branding that will produce results in the future. Many medical staffing agencies are currently working on immediate results and immediate gratification.

Working for both current and future business is part of what strategic branding teaches and it is what this article is about, future branding for temporary staffing agencies.

Working the future branding effect:

Scenario A

A medical staffing agency is called by a perspective candidate to ask questions about pay rates, facilities covered and many other questions. This medical staffing agency decides to treat this question as probing (used by competitors to gauge your pay rates) and chooses not to answer the question. This leaves the caller feeling discouraged and will never work for this staffing company or recommend the hundreds of nurses, radiology techs, nuclear techs, respiratory techs, Ultrasound techs or any medical professional they will meet. They will also not recommend this temporary medical staffing agency to hospitals or medical facilities.

Scenario B

A medical staffing agency received a similar call inquiring about pay rates, facilities covered and many other questions. This medical staffing agency decides to answer all the questions. They go a step further and ask them how much they were looking to make. They strike conversations with the caller and even offer to provide them with help finding a permanent job in the future. The caller hangs up feeling well informed, although the caller does not end up working for this temporary staffing agency, the caller does begin recommending the staffing agency. Calls begin to come in after six months referred by this caller. The medical staffing agency receives candidates without spending a dime on marketing simply by reacting to potential future business by being “nice”.

Future business as well as present business is important. I try to explain this to my clients and guide them to continually implement this strategy into there existing marketing plan. You cannot expect to sustain a long lived medical staffing business without understanding the need to work with long term strategies to bring in business.

The simplicity of future branding using a “nice” approach creates an environment that can sustain itself beyond present costing in marketing. You want to have people talking about your medical staffing agency. You want hospitals to use your medical staffing agency. You want what I call “rooming” marketers to talk about your medical staffing agency without you having to pay them. People will recommend a good staffing agency and those same people will not recommend a bad medical staffing agency. The ironic nature of negative press is that medical staffing professionals will gladly speak negatively much more often (5X more) than positive recommendations. This negative press can really hurt a new medical Top staffing agency.

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