The symptoms of a yeast infection are very clear and easy to identify and if you are armed with the right knowledge, it is also very easy to treat.

The main problem is that most women avoid the embarrassment of going to see a doctor when they have this condition because there is nothing worse than let a stranger investigate your personal and most private areas.

The symptoms of this infection keravita pro are:

o Vaginal itchiness
o Vaginal redness and burning sensation
o White or grayish discharges from the vagina
o Painful urination
o Painful menstrual cycles
o Uncomfortable sensations during sexual relations, among others.

Once you get this infection, what most women do is go to their local drug store and buy any over the counter medications out there. These medications will treat the symptoms and alleviate them almost immediately. The problem is that the infection is still there and it will reappear eventually.

If you go to see the doctor, he will probably prescribe the same medications and if these don’t work, then the doctor will provide you with a stronger cream or gel and an antibiotic to fight the fungal infection.

There are also yeast infection home remedies based on herbs and natural supplements that are easier on your body and that will build the natural capacity of your body to fight this infections at the root level and combined with whatever over the counter drug you are using will give you the best results and will get you feeling like new very fast.

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