Over the next couple of days I want to take you on a tour, a tour about what drugs is all about. I want to make you aware of the things that no one tells you about.

Yes sure, everyone tells you in the beginning that it’s fun and you will enjoy it, but what happens after that? What happens after you are hooked?

What is the reason behind people taking Drugs?

This is one of the questions that we hear on a daily basis. People use Drugs because there are certain areas in their life that they feel they need change. They turn to Drugs because they think that’s the solution where in actual fact that becomes the problem! I believe that it doesn’t matter how difficult your problem might seem, Drugs will NOT make that problem better, it will however worsen it!

  • People take Drugs to fit in;
  • People take Drugs to escape from life or what they are going through;
  • People take Drugs because they are bored;
  • People take Drugs because they think it’s a “grown-up” thing to do;
  • People take Drugs to rebel;
  • People take Drugs to experiment;
  • People take Drugs to numb pain that they are going through.

The list why people take Drugs may be endless as I feel that every person does it for his/her own reasons.

How do Drugs work?

Naturally the amount of Drugs you take will determine the effects, but essentially you will end up in the same place, as your body builds up tolerance and you will have to continue taking more and more. What a lot of people don’t take into consideration is the fact that Drugs will directly affect your mind and cause long-term damage. In the moment, whilst you are on the Drug, your perception of things will be distorted, which in return will result in destructive, inappropriate and weird behavior.

What a lot of people over look as well is the fact that Prescription Medicines are Drugs as well and people do abuse them. Prescription Drugs are there to help you feel better or change something that is not working well in your body. So sometimes they are good, but they are still Drugs-most of them are sedatives and they can and will kill you if you don’t take them as prescribed.

As human beings, our memories can be very strong and powerful, but when you take Drugs, the opposite starts to happen, as Drugs blurs your memory, which causes “blank spots”. Drugs will cause a person to feel slow and stupid and have plenty of failures in life. This pattern will cause a ripple effect-more failures in life, will lead to a harder life, which will lead to more Drug use.

Some people are under the impression that certain Drugs will lead you to be more creative in what you do. This is a statement that is so far from the truth that I don’t even know where to begin. The simple truth is that Drugs will destroy your creativity faster than you can say 1, 2, 3.

When someone feels sad, that person might turn to Drugs to make them feel better-this however is not true and is what I would like to call “a warped perception”. The Drugs will lift you into a fake cheerfulness, but ones they wear off, you will crash lower than what you were before. Every time you dip lower and lower where you get to a point that Drugs will destroy everything you have-literally and figuratively. https://pastebin.com/8C05w06x
What will Dealers tell you?

A lot of teens these days will start using Drugs due to peer pressure-they want to be cool and fit in-and this is something that a Dealer knows and lives by. Dealers will offer you Drugs that will “help you feel better” or that will “help you fit in” or that will “help cheer you up”. You have to keep in mind that a Dealer will use anything to make a “sale”. They don’t care about the fact that Drugs will ruin your life; all they care about is the fact that they are making profit. They will tell you that “cocaine will turn your life into a party” or that “heroin will keep you warm” or that “you will get a lot of girls with ecstasy”. All these statements are lies as Drugs does none of that.

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