I would like to highlight the papers of Ms Karen E. Claus (a guru of outdoor signs) that I consider even more interesting when related LED signs.

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“Signs are one of the most efficient and effective communication media available to the small businesses … [they] give information about your business and direct people to your location.”

That is even more true for a LED sign, which will exponentially increase your visibility (its bright!) and your ability to communicate (its dynamic!) and inform your potential customers – with daily updates, news and promotions. LED Wall 21

A LED sign allows you to easily create and save up 100 messages and to create your own playlist which means that you can create tailored messages – and promotions! – for Christmas, San Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer holidays and just schedule them when you need.

“Signs are oriented to your trade area [and] communicate to potential customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, week after week, month after month, year after year.”

If you are a small or medium business, most of the time the people that can see your signage are those who live or pass-by your trade area. The people that see your LED sign repeating your message over time are your potential customers – which will start to remember your products and services because your bright and dynamic LED sign became a point of reference in the static city environment. “Turn right at the bright moving sign!” Even people which are not you potential customers will start to mention you when giving directions to someone.

“this [advertising] potential to influence people exists right outside your door, which is the only place where those impressed by your sales message can react to it instantly.”

A proper use of a dynamic, updated and bright on-site LED sign could convert your location into cash. Imagine advertising one of your products at a higher discount, switching product every day. Main fast-food companies adopted exactly the same marketing technique and they advertise their offer nation-wide on the radio, with a different ad for any day of the week.

A dynamic LED sign allows you to use the same proven principle without the huge budget a radio campaign requires! The study leaves little doubt that on-site signage delivers more market coverage with a higher degree of readership than any of the other media.

In her article, Ms Karen E. Claus refer to several studies that proved on-site signage being over 200% better in terms of cost-per-exposure when compared to other media (i.e. newspaper ad).

Does that mean that a small business owner should not invest in other forms of advertising? Surely not. But what I have learned from Ms Claus article is that any entrepreneur should first optimize its on-site signage – and be sure to get the most of it – before moving to any other form of promotion!

And today LED signs are the best tools available on the market to 1) attract people’s attention – 2) inform them about your product/services – 3) constantly communicate your updated promotions – 4) inspire instant reaction (and gratification for the need you created).

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