It may be difficult for college freshmen to get very excited about their senior year job search, so early in their college experiences. However, the Career Services Office at your college can play a critical role in your employment success. That’s why every college student should make an appointment to visit the office in their freshman year. Although that may surprise some students and parents, it is important for students to learn about the services that are provided, keep their end target in sight and make certain that they perform all of the steps that will lead to employment success.

Generally, college freshman should visit the Career Services Office to:

– Receive an introduction to the services that are provided

– Learn about the Career Services Library

– Learn about the Career Services web site

– Receive career counseling and guidance

– Participate in career testing and assessment activities

– Learn about the steps that lead to employment success

– Draft a four year, career development plan

– Ask questions

This is an important step for Easy Writer students to take. Hopefully, all students and parents will come to understand that the senior year job search actually begins in the freshman year. In reality, it is the active involvement and preparation that takes place during the first three years of college that will lead to successful interviews and great job offers.

College sophomores should visit the Career Services Office to:

– Refine their career direction

– Receive job search guidance and training

– Update their career development plan

– Learn about the importance of participation and leadership

– Receive guidance as they begin to develop their network

– Learn about Internships, Co-Op Assignments and Part-Time Jobs

– Research potential employers

– Identify useful job hunting web sites and other resources

The sophomore year is often considered to be the foundation year for the senior year job search. Most students have selected and settled into their major. At the same time, these students are beginning to get more involved with campus, work and community activities. When they have an eye toward their future employment goals, they are much more likely to do the things that the best employers seek. That’s why a detailed career development plan is so important to their job hunting success.

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