Who isn’t looking to get more mileage out of that shrinking advertising budget? There is a way to hit your target audience more efficiently: music and messaging on hold.

Advertising Opportunities Every Day

AT&T reports that an average of 70% of business calls get placed on hold. Many callers hang up if left in silence. While music on hold has been shown to keep callers on the line, adding short, helpful marketing messages can boost business.

If you’ve been ignoring the possibilities of music on hold at your company, you’re missing out on building critical rapport with your callers for as little as a dollar a day. But don’t take my word 홀덤 for it. One of the biggest fans of music on hold is the marketing guru himself, Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the infamous Guerilla Marketing book.

Ad Guru Recommends Music On Hold

In a column for Entrepreneur Magazine, Levinson says your callers “benefit from your on-hold marketing by listening to music and fascinating news about your company, particularly about special offers and new products and services. Instead of resenting you, callers will appreciate you”.

Use On-Hold Time To Help Callers

One reason many of us complain about being “stuck on hold” is that we often hear boring, cheesy, inauthentic announcements such as, “Your call is important”. In reality, it is our time that is important, so make callers feel like calling you is time well-spent. Provide information that callers will actually appreciate. Does your company sound engaging, interesting, worth doing business with? Avoid mining old copy from your website that was written in a vague, corporate, passive voice, never meant to be heard by the ear.

How Much Should You Spend?

Music on hold messaging services vary greatly in their costs and approach. Some providers require proprietary equipment and a contract of 1 to 5 years. Others will provide a one-time production you can play over and over without the obligation to keep buying. First, consider how many locations need on hold messages, and how often you will want to change the sound and/or content of the audio. If you are merely trying to keep callers from hanging up, you might want a “one-at-a-time” approach. This typically runs under $500, plus equipment (another $250 to $500). If you’re interested in seasonal messages to be changed out at multiple locations, look into programs that get the per-production price a bit lower. Some music on hold providers will change monthly and add still more costs to changing out the messages. Contracts can be costly, when multiple locations and equipment deposits are taken into account.

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